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Our attitude towards designing...


Home is a place of comfort, enjoyment and rejuvenation. Our homes are shared with those we love.  It's where we express ourselves, where we gather and create memories.

Our clients are down to earth, fun people who come from all walks of life in various stages of their homeownership. Our clients are as unique as their home is distinct. Preferences may vary, but our clients share one common dream: to have a home that reflects and functions for them. RHID has the expertise to cultivate that dream into reality.  Our boutique design build firm keeps design principles at the forefront of the process. We believe scale, flow, proportion, and function of the space are at the root of a well designed home. The materials and finishes are the elements that make the design come to life. Simplicity in design, cohesiveness, durability and personality are all tailored to you. 

As a designer & remodeler I'm only as good as the people (and dogs) that  I have around me. I'm very fortunate to work closely with talented and knowledgeable professionals, carpenters, trade specialists, and earth-friendly building suppliers who help to create thoughtful, beautiful spaces with their care and involvement.

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